ButtonBeats Virtual Piano Black

ButtonBeats Virtual Piano Black 1.0

Play a virtual piano on a PC
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4-octave piano, extendable to 7 octaves that can be played using the keyboard. Comes with a list of easy-to-play songs that you can practice with.

Piano is a very popular and versatile music instrument. Nevertheless, few people can afford to buy a piano for home. This free program is an electronic version of a real piano. It has a 4-octave keyboard which can be expanded three octaves more by clicking on the corresponding function button. The other buttons can modify the output sound to that of an electric piano, and to that obtained by using a pedal. You can use the program by stroking the keys with your mouse (which is rather impractical if you want to srtoke more than a key simultaneously to play chords or intervals), or using your computer's keyboard. The application includes a list of popular songs that you can play easily by stroking the corresponding keys of your keyboard. For example, to play Casablanca's "As Times Go By", you need to stroke the keys "$%$#K#" and so on.

You can record the songs you play with this program by installing any recording application and set it to record from the computer's output sound.

The program is based on Adobe Flash Player, so you need to have it installed in your computer for the piano to work correctly.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Useful
  • Realistic sound


  • It is hard to become accustomed to play the piano using the computer's keyboard
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